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My name is Müncke Kruger from Little Roots Online English. I'm a certified TEFL teacher with over 3 years experience teaching children between the ages 2 and 6.

I am an ambitious and energetic individual with a passion to make a difference in people’s lives, but more so in children’s lives. I love learning about children, cultures and what interest them.

Working with children, I know the importance of education and giving your child the best opportunities and skills to achieve their goals.

Teaching in Hong Kong gave me the opportunity to gain experience with different cultures and age groups.

I have experience in teaching:

- Mathematics for young learners

- Reading and Writing

- Phonics (beginner, Intermediate and advance)

- English language (speaking [pronunciation] and expressing yourself)

- School interview prepping

- Self introduction

When it comes to my teaching methodology, I believe each child/ person is unique and learn in their own way. I love connecting with my students and getting to know them, finding what works best for them and then tailor my class according to their needs.

I also believe the best way of learning is when you are comfortable and in a safe environment. Learning should be fun, exciting and children should experience learning in such environment.

Private classes (1 on 1)

· 30min - 100HK$

· 60min - 150HK$

Group classes can be arranged.

*Sign up before December and every 10th class will be FREE!!!!

Contact information:

Little Roots Online English


Book your free trial lesson with me via email and let’s improve your English together. Come and explore learning in a fun environment with me!

Best Wishes



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English Tutor for Children Featured

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