HK School of Motoring Turbo Pass Exam Booster



HK School of Motoring Turbo Pass Exam Booster

Pre-In car Training Course is a computerized simulator system, with the aid of video to simulate various road traffic conditions, new learners can acquire basic driving controls and understand the correct driving concepts under a safe environment.All new learners will be arranged to take the Pre-in Car Training Course as the first step in their driving learning process.

This auxiliary training course is exclusively provided by HKSM. When the students are preparing for Part B test (including parking, reversing, and turning on a narrow road), they will have the chance to do practices. Unlike traditional training, Solo Training allows each student to practice parking and “3-point” turning independently in a safe environment. Our driving instructor monitors the student's performance from the control console nearby, give instructions to the student or stop the vehicle through a remote control system when necessary. Students need to make the proper judgment throughout the process. This will greatly help the students to build up confidence when driving alone.

It is sometimes difficult for you be fully aware of your mistakes while you are driving. In-car observation is specially designed to solve this problem.

Each student can be a passenger of the vehicle being driven by another student. Through observing the performance and mistakes of other student in driving, you can fully understand what aspects should pay attention and what mistakes should be avoided, especially the same mistake committed by you.

The In-car observation will broaden students’ knowledge of driving and help them to pass the driving tests smoothly. Please refer to the School Notice Board for details.


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HK School of Motoring Turbo Pass Exam Booster

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